Join Us: Analog Designer's Toolbox (ADT)

The Analog Designer's Toolbox (ADT) is our flagship project, which will change the way every analog IC designer works and every analog IC design course is taught! We believe ADT will be the most important analog EDA tool since the introduction of SPICE, inshaAllah!

ADT is a winner of Egypt's ITIDA TIEC Round 28th StartIT Program!

Do you want to be part of ADT Team?


Despite the exponential advancement in the semiconductor industry in the previous decades, there has been no major change in the analog IC design flow. Analog designers still handcraft their circuits at the transistor level using time-consuming multi-dimensional simulator sweeps; thus, negatively impacting products time-to-market. We propose the Analog Designer’s Toolbox (ADT), an analog design automation tool that addresses the shortcomings of previous and current market offerings. We build on years of research on developing novel techniques for analog IC design automation.

Who Can Apply?

Applicants Categories

1. Undergraduate Interns

2. Graduate Interns

Applicants Specializations

1. Electronics Engineering (ECE)

2. Computer Engineering (CSE)

3. Computer Science (CS)

4. Faculty of Science - Mathematics Department (Maths)

All applicants must be located in Egypt

What Skills Should I have?

Basic Requirements

1. Good knowledge of Python

2. Experience with performance engineering is recommended (speeding-up execution time, efficient memory usage, etc.)

Other required skills depends on the team you would love to join!

Front-end Team (ECE, CSE, CS)

1. Strong knowledge of GUI design

2. Previous experience with GUI projects using Python is recommended

Analog IC Design Team (ECE only)

1. Strong knowledge of analog IC design fundamentals

2. Passion for systematic analog IC design

Back-end Team (ECE, CSE, CS, Maths)

1. Good knowledge of local and global optimization algorithms

2. Good knowledge of numerical methods for solving linear and non-linear systems of equations

Application Deadline

Your application will be reviewed once we receive it.

The application form will be open till the required number of candidates is selected.

We will only contact a shortlisted set of candidates. If you do not receive a reply two weeks after your application, then your application was not shortlisted.

Project Supervisors

Dr. Hesham Omran

Dr. Mohamed Taher